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Working zone

This page links to the wiki working zone of IDMEFv2 GitHub.

Each page explains and justifies choices made for the IDMEFv2 classes and attributes. During the tuning phase it will also contains comments, remarks and still open questions.

Don’t hesitate to send questions, comments or suggestions in the IDMEFv2 mailing list. It’s still time to tune the format.

Abbreviation used in the pages :

  • TBD : To be define/done
  • TBC : To be clarified
  • TBM : To be modified
  • TBR : To be removed

Format Draft :

  • Global comments: Global comments/remarks/justification about IDMEFv2 concepts : Events vs Incidents, Alert class name choice, Severity/Priority/Impact/Urgency, Locations, Categories, Alert immutability, confidence, events in the future.

IDMEFv2 Classe Comments: IETF Draft chapters annotated with comments, suggestions, justifications, etc.