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How to join


The first IDMEFv2 drafts have been created and tested by a small dedicated team. Those drafts are a first step toward standardization. Now this work has to be discussed, analyzed, criticized, modified and completed by a much larger community. This page presents how you can follow and eventually participate in the IDMEFv2 initiative.

Who should be interested ?

All actors of cyber and physical security should be interested by the evolution of IDMEFv2 and in particular:

  • End users : critical infrastructure, Sensitive site, Smart architecture, IoT, IIoT, etc.
  • Probes and sensors developers and editors (Anti-virus, Firewall, Anti-Spam, CCTV, motion sensor, etc.)
  • Security monitoring solutions : SIEM, PSIM, NSM
  • Security expert and integrator

IMPORTANT : As IDMEFv2 is an evolution from cyber security to larger spectrum we are interested by advice and comments from physical security experts,

IDMEFv2 is an open (and free) community.

Bronze participation: Followers

There is no standard without adoption, and no adoption without community interest. The bronze participation doesn’t need much effort or expertise but it is still essential.

  • Join the mailing list: The bare minimum is to join the IDMEFv2 mailing list. This mailing list, not yet very active, is currently the main communication channel of the IDMEFv2 initiative. Through this mailing list you will be informed of the next step of the initiative and you will be able to ask question, find support and even comment the first version of the drafts. You can leave the mailing list anytime.
  • Visit the IDMEFv2 website: The website contains documentation and tutorials, as well as pointers to existing IDMEFv2 code and libraries. This website is in continuous evolution and dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the IDMEFv2 format. You will find all the information you need to understand the format, to implement it and also to participate at the specification of the future drafts.
  • Recruit followers: Forward information about IDMEFv2 initiative to your community and encourage them to join the movement. If you are convinced that IDMEFv2 is a good idea it’s very important to spread your technical community.

Silver participation: Actors

You are really interested in the IDMEFv2 initiative. Maybe you are a tool editor, a coder or an expert working in incident detection. You want to officially support the IDMEFv2 initiative. After having fulfill the bronze participation, you can do more.

  • Supporting members: Join the IDMEFv2 initiative member list. There is no fee and no obligation. Appearing as an “official” member means that you are interested in this standardization initiative and willing to support it. You can be a searcher, an editor, an integrator, an end user or just an individual.
  • IDMEFv2 compatibility: If you are a tool editor or an open-source developer you might want to try to make your product compatible with IDMEFv2 , or develop some new library, etc. Ask for advice on the mailing list.

Gold participation: Contributors

This is the higher level of active contribution. You want to be part of the initiative and actively contribute.

Standard definition: You want to participate in the IETF standard document creation: writing, proofreading, etc.

Pilot projects: You are mounting or running a research project of Cyber and Physical System Security (CPS-SEC) and looking for support to use and experiment IDMEFv2 in your architecture.

Use the mailing list for first contact.